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Perl Data Types

There are three built-in Perl Data Types: scalars, arrays and hash or associative arrays, that make the Perl language a

Some Useful Perl Editors Available On Different Platforms

In choosing one editor from the list of Perl Editors available on different platforms, you must

Perl Modules

  We’ll refer below to Perl Modules. When we talk about modules we refer to some

Perl Database Progrmmaing

  Before considering the Perl Database Programming topic, let’s take a moment do discuss about databases from a

Perl DBD Module

Perl DBD is a driver which we can use in order to connect through DBI to

DBI Perl Module

  DBI Perl Module (DBI stands for database-independent interface) is one of the most important Perl module

Perl Books

There are a great number of Perl books and Perl tutorials available on the internet. You

Internet Programming Perl

  Perl language is ideal for writing Internet programming Perl applications. In a few lines of

Running Perl

There are a lot of ways of running Perl, it depends on what you intend to

How to Install Perl on your Operating System

You must install Perl on your computer to run a Perl script. But before going into