Farming Simulator 18 For PC

Farming Simulator 18 is another series in the Farming Simulator designed for PC users. The mechanics in Farming Simulator 18 is just alike other simulators of handset device. The player play as a farmer and take good care of his farms. In Farming Simulator you have to pay special attention has to be paid on the economic side because you will be provided limited amount of money and you have to spend it on right equipment such as sawing equipment, gathering crops and a lorry for movement of your crops and goods.

In Farming Simulator you are the owner of different machines and will have to perform various tasks in your field. From the following version Farming Simulator 18 contains more features and options. Farming Simulator 18 was basically designed for PC users.

farming simulator 18

How to Use Farming Simulator 18 On PC:


With new update new features are added to the game. The new seeds introduced are sunflower and soy. In the new edition players can now work with their hands for specific tasks such as relocating woods instead of using their machinery and tools. You can now earn money by side quests which are offered by other farmers around you. New machinery is introduced to the players. There are 200 types of new tools added to the game. In the new version you are able to upgrade your vehicle both visually and also from the technical aspects.

Technical Aspects:

Farming Simulator 18 for PC has the same engine used in the previous parts. The Developers of farming simulators has introduced some new features and models of different machines.


For the first time in the history of farming simulator you can access different mods which are created by the farming stimulator community. There are different new graphics, effects, maps created by the players for the players of the farming simulator.

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