GTX 1060 6 GB Edition Review.

Even though we expected GTX 1060 a bit later, Nvidia’s plans changed because of AMD’s RX 480 and the “green camp” had to respond to the “red” hit. This is a MSI’s GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G. I know that a lot of you want me to compare it with RX 480, so at the end you will see some reference sheets and hear a few words.

The packaging has nothing new to show for, since you’ve seen it twice already this month with GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. The design of MSI’s GTX 1060 is exactly the same with its two bigger brothers. The usual black/red combination is here, while some details like the fins in the center and the RGB logo compose an impressive look.  Personally I’m bored to see exactly the same card by MSI, but the user that will buy it and install it, will probably be satisfied by it. I welcome once more the use of metallic back plate on MSI’s graphic cards.

We also find the proven and effective Twin Frozer VI cooling system which consists of two big 10cm fans, cooling a large heat sink and with the help of 5 heat pipes up to 8mm thick, dissipate the chip’s heat.  The fans work only when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, which means that the card is silent most of the times. The highest temperature I encountered during my tests was 68 degrees and the fans didn’t annoy me, even when working at 100%.

I can safely say that MSI has built one of the best cooling systems in the market. Power supply goes through an 8-pin port, which is useless if you ask me, since the card doesn’t need more than 120 Watts.  A 6-pin port would suffice. A serious shortage of GTX 1060 is the lack of SLI support, which will turn many enthusiasts off. On connectivity, the card offers an HDMI, 3x Display Port and a DVI-D port. Up to 4 displays are supported, with a maximum resolution of 8K. GTX 1060 is based on the same Nvidia GP106-A1 chipset of 16nm and 4 billion transistors. There are 3GB editions but I’d recommend to skip them, and go for the 6GB ones, just to be safe in the future, since the difference in price isn’t that big.

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