GTX 1070 8 GB Edition Review.

We already know that GTX 1080 is a powerful card but for deep pockets. So what about GTX 1070, which is equally capable but at a much lower price. You are watching Unboxholics and this is MSI’s GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G, a card that has a lot to say and will certainly play a role to the established user base of Nvidia, since its price is much closer to the average consumer’s capabilities.

Make no mistake, this is GTX 1070’s package which besides the number, has no difference on what we saw last week in GTX 1080 package. The similarities continue to the cards too. It’s a bit ridiculous to tell two cards apart just by the serial number sticker. I honestly don’t know why MSI is stuck to this “twin product” policy. MSI’s GTX 1070 is identical in design with GTX 1080. Even the dimensions are exactly the same.

It is 279mm long, 140mm wide and 42mm thick, which translates to 2 motherboard slots. Red and black are present once again with details on the cooling system and on the pretty metallic PCB backplate. Lighting is attractive too, with red LEDs near the fans and the RGB MSI logo with countless colors and various effects through the dedicated program.

Twin Frozr VI cooling system consists of 2x second generation 10cm TorX fans with dispersion fins that manage 22% better air flow. The two big fans send enough air to the big heatsink and with the help of 5x 6mm and 8mm tubes take efficiently the heat away from Nvidia’s GP104 chip, which remains cool.

The card demands 150W at maximum load. That’s 30W lower than GTX 1080. The connection is established through a 6-pin and an 8-pin port. I would recommend a 500W+ power supply. Lower power consumption has of course an effect on temperatures. My tests on the same system and on the same games showed 64 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees lower than the maximum temperature of 1080 with the same cooling system. On the plus side, fans remain inactive below 60 degrees which means that the card is silent.




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