GTX 1080 Review and Benchmarks

In this episode, we’re taking a look at my msi gtx 1080 this is an aftermarket cart I’ve got in my brand-new personal rig for 2016. I have a few videos about it coming shortly including this one we’re going to take the brand-new GTX 1088 gigabyte put it to the test throw through some benchmarks gonna have a lot of fun with some games having gotta play games in a while. So let’s take a look and if you enjoy this style of video smash the like button and comment down below if you’d like to see more love to keep doing this kind of content. Let’s get into some games.

Yeah, as part of my new personal rig for 2016 whose specs you can find in the description below, I now have a gtx 1080 on the x99 platform this is my first time owning a top-tier GPU so naturally the first thing I did was install a bunch of games and crank it up to eleven all of these benchmarks were done on the highest possible settings of games running at a full 3840 x 2160 on my mono price ultra-high-definition display. Let’s start with shooters then hit a couple of other games starting out a game I’ve been enjoying as a casual chill out shooter recently counter-strike go being an older game and a source game it runs perfectly of course region as high as 274 FPS and averaging around 175 to 200 FPS during gameplay smooth as butter.

Next up a shooter, I was fortunate enough to be pointed to by diamond rice on Twitter toxic this is an arena shooter one of my favorite genres that never gets love anymore. This is a beautiful game when Max that 2160p and I was able to sustain an average of 80 or more frames per second and Maxine a hundred thirteen FPS in some areas it’s a pretty slick game moving on the battlefield for my old 970 handle this game surprisingly well but not on max settings on the 1080i was able to average 62 FPS at 2160p max with a max of only around 87 FPS during actual gameplay.

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