Perl Books

There are a great number of Perl books and Perl tutorials available on the internet. You can try a quick search on Amazon or on a Google which will reveal hundreds of books.

Some are freely redistributable and can be read online or downloaded from different sources and in vary formats like pdf, doc, chm and so on. A lot of books are available online and you can have access to the most popular books or tutorials about Perl on the internet.

Perl Books Collection

Choose an Appropriate Book for You

In order to choose an appropriate book for you, it depends on what you need and what problem you have to solve. You’ll find a huge variety of options to go through:

  • beginning or advanced level of Perl programming
  • integrate in your scripts the object-oriented features of Perl
  • manage system administration in Unix
  • creating and managing database applications, how to use different database models
  • coding, debugging and testing your scripts, for improving the reliability and performance of Perl code
  • how to install, compile and use mod_perl – the popular programming language Perl in the Apache web server
  • developing network or Web based applications using the Perl language
  • creating dynamic web pages by using CGI from Perl scripts
  • using graphics and GUI programming in Perl
  • and many others.

Perl Books on Google

When you search for “Perl Books” on Google, it will show you the most popular books searched and available to read.

Perl Books on Google

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