How To Use Z Shadow [For Educational Purpose]

Have you heard of z shadow hacker before? no, then read this. But keep in your mind that this tutorial is just for educational purposes. Means that you should not use this to harm anyone. You can also this to learn about facebook security and keep your profiles safe from being hacked by some of your friends.

So if you are ready lets start.

What is Z Shadow?

So if don;t know what z shadow is then you can know below but before that i would ask you do you know about phishing? No, then first you would need to know about this because without knowing what phishing is you can’t know about z shadow. Because z shadow works on phishing.

So if you don’t know let me tell you. Phishing is a method of hacking in which a hacker creates exactly the same page which he wants to hack. Like if the hacker wants to hack facebook account of someone he will create a same page as facebook login. And when the victim enter information the password would be stored in harckers account.

Now this process is a bit difficult and needs some technical knowledge. But if you can’t do that don’t worry there are services like z shadow that would help. Z shadow hacker would create a give you ready made hacking page for facebook and many other sites. So if you want to hack someones account follow the procedure below.

Procedure To Use Z Shadow:

I think using z shadow is quite easy and if one can use can use internet and facebook etc and create email accounts etc than you can easily use z shadow. So follow the steps below:

  1. First of all you would need to go to z shadow official site. For that visit the link given at the start.
  2. After you visit the official site, go to login page and fill the form which doen’t need any rocket science and i think everyone can do that.
  3. After that login to your account.
  4. After that click on facebook or any other site that you wanna hack.
  5. After that copy that phishing link.
  6. Then you can send that link to anyone whose account you want to hack.

So this was the simple guide that you can follow to use z shadow tool.

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