Users Tips and Tricks For Nova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher prime is one of the most loved launcher on Android plat form. When Nova Launcher Prime was first introduced it was quickly downloaded by the smart phone users because of its unique customization options. Since its released date different new and useful features were added to Nova launcher prime which you can use free of cost. There are some features of Nova launcher prime like swipe, gestures, useful hidden apps which need to be paid if you want to use it on your device.

In this article we will show you the best features of Nova Launcher Prime which makes it the best while comparing to other launchers in the Market for Android smart phone users.

Tips and Tricks For Nova Launcher Prime

Sesame Shortcut:

Sesame Shortcuts are the third party apps with nova launcher integration. The Sesame shortcuts are linked with Nova Launcher prime and allows you access to more than 100 different kinds of in app shortcuts. The Sesame short cut uses nova search features to find different apps and games for you within a matter of seconds. This shortcut enables you to do multi tasking features at the same time.

Open Or Integrate Google Now Page:

If you are using third party app launcher than access to google now page is a real headache for smart phones users. In the Nova launcher prime the google now page is allocated in the left most page of the launcher. With Nova Launcher Prime you can access Google Now Page easily.

New Tabs in The App Drawers:

Enabling this features in Nova launcher prime is a bit difficult but once you correct the set up then it enables you to make multiple tabs in the app drawer. Make different tabs in the app drawer and place same apps of your choice.

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